Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing me to help you unlock the possibilities for what you can do with some of the latest technology.

Our terms are simple. Be nice.

Nice in the realm of intellectual property from which is the core of my business means that you respect what I have created by giving attribution to our work. I invest countless hours in simplifying advance concepts, curating resources, and sharing them in a format that makes it easy for you to take action. For you to steal my advertising copy, visuals that are branded for the company, and share them as your own work isn’t cool. It’s stealing and just because you can (like some people cheat on their taxes) it will eventually end up catch up with you.

We use tools like Copyscape, Uniplag, and Google Images to find out where our content is found elsewhere so it would be really embarrassing to find out you stole our content and made it your own because of the public shaming and legal recourse that our attorneys are prepared to litigate. So why bother?

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