Can you answer any of these questions?

How many devices do you own that requires an Internet connection at home?

How many of those of those are high-priority devices?

How many people in the home have their own Internet usage profile?

How quickly can I pause or block a device from sending and receiving an Internet connection?

What devices can be assigned together to work as a group in order to control and manage each device together as a group?

How far is the distance between the router and the farthest most point in the home, which requires an Internet connection?

How many floors are in the home?

How many additional mesh WiFi network extender devices do you have set up in your home?

How fast is my Internet speed? Are there times of day when there is more usage? How can the speed be optimized?

When you think of how many devices that you own and require an Internet connection today could have easily doubled, tripled, or more compared to five years ago. It all depends upon how quickly you have made the shift to making your home smart or not.

Here are some devices to consider

Smart Home Devices


  • Echo Plus
  • Fire TV
  • Echo Show
  • Echo dot
  • Google Home


  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Lighting
  • Get the 2021 tech list

Watch the video to learn more about a Mesh WiFi Network System and why you absolutely need one to manage all of your Internet devices at home.


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