Traditional advertising displays our name on each medium in the largest font, all the awards that we receive, and that we are top 1% in our respective markets.  If we show our prospective consumers in print that we are the best, we have the most sales … ever, or have every award in the last 20 years then the prospective consumer will work with us because of proven success.  Hardly…  It is extremely easy for REALTORS® to let the ego get in the way of serving future clientele.  Let’s face it. Clients want service.  Clients want information.  Clients want to know everything they possibly can before they sign on the dotted line and if we splash our ego on them then it is too late.  Because more and more people are going to the internet than ever before then it is crucial to put the ego aside and deliver on information.


Non-branded websites are becoming more and more popular.  A non-branded website is a site that is similar to a traditional real estate website but it the broker or agent is not easily identifiable.  People feel more inclined to submit their contact information and spend more time browsing because they do not see an agent.  Lead generation and conversion rates increase as a result.  Non-branded websites are not meant to trick people.  In fact most state licensing laws require that every website have the name of the company and phone number on each page.  Be sure to check your local regulations before using non-branded websites.


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