When I was developing my learning management system for the Amazon Fire TV as a new Alexa skill called Unofficial Voice Marketing for Business, one of the pain points I experienced was taking the video tutorial files I created in Loom and convert the video into an audio file and producing a transcript that I could use to help summarize each module. I didn’t have the money to pay each time I wanted to convert a video and Loom (like other video recording tools) does not have a transcript producing feature as part of their platform.

That’s when I put on my hat as an Amazon Certified Cloud Practioner and decided to build a web-based app that would convert multiple video files at the same time for pennies on the dollar compared to other online transcription services. This is a case study in action demonstrating the power of being able to programmatically solve problems that save money, save time, and make it easier to perform other tasks.

You can get started using the same tool I built at myVIDEO.rip by creating a FREE account. This free account will give you access to 100 minutes of video to audio and text transcription conversion, and you will have an opportunity to buy more minutes if it helps you save time and money.


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