What you need in 2021 is going to be dramatically different than what you needed in 2020 and previous years because the game has changed. There are new product categories in electronics, mobile devices, and adapters to consider and you need to budget carefully before you overspend.

I spent some time compiling a comprehensive list of technology tools you might need for 2021 in order to help you show up better for your #screentoscreen meetings, interviews, training, and events. Here you will be able to see the product name, product price, # of monthly sales, # of daily sales, monthly revenue, # of reviews, rating, product rank, and a direct link to review each product in more detail. You can watch a quick video of how it works.


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre from St. Louis, Missouri USA when they want to dramatically increase operational performance, create breakthrough value propositions, and serve customers beyond geographical constraints on a minimal budget. For more than a decade he has been setting trends with how organizations engage customers with social media, video marketing, and custom-built software applications. Doug’s book Screen to Screen Selling published by McGraw Hill pioneered the way sales professionals sold homes without being physically present before the COVID-19 pandemic. He is one of a select few who have earned the Certified Speaking Professional Designation from the National Speakers Association and has experience as a REALTOR.

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