spk_0 1:62
All right, everybody. We’re gonna have a good time today. My friends at ReMax. Steve. Keith, are you doing today? Good. Yeah. So thanks for jumping on this call here. It’s been a while, right? Maybe. What? 33 years ago since we did that program, um was was the name of the place Steve Supercharged, supercharged Big cedar. Cedar lodge. Yeah. And you know, one of things that I remember us doing waas, like during the session. I said, Okay, everybody put your phones, download this app type in this code, right? And then everybody saw what another Brady Bunch style, you know, up on the projection screen, I want to know, Like, what was the all’s first impression of that? No one

spk_1 55:61
that what my mind was blown? It’s pretty neat.

spk_0 64:7
So now, right now, we’re in there now, were in the mix of it where this is becomes, the virtual becomes the primary, you know? How are you guys responded?

spk_1 76:3
We’ve had two full on embrace it. I mean, this is, um it, um for good. Two months there it was the the primary, if not only way that we were able to interact with a whole bunch of people home inspectors, uh, lenders, title companies, our clients and ah, it was, um um it was a crash course in going virtual, for sure. Absolutely. And from my perspective, it has forced people individual, you know? Yeah, you’re participating with zoom. So they’ve gotten gotten over that fear. We have a resistance because they’re doing it every day, which is what you gotta do. You know, what has changed for me with the video is that, um, pre co bid phone calls have been replaced with zoom calls that Trier to Kobe. I would have been making phone calls about whatever these issues are. They are almost exclusively zoom calls at it. I don’t know why the change, but it’s there’s just something better about seeing somebody’s face and interacting with them as opposed to just hearing their voice and holding up a phone to your ear. Um, that has been a huge change that I would have never even thought of that, um, it really phone calls would have been replaced in this way so quickly. Absolutely. And you could see people’s names with their faces. That’s really important, too, because when you’re sitting with a big group of people and you’re sitting in your seat. You read people by language. You can call on somebody say, Hey, Debbie, you shaking your head now, You know, I don’t know that I would have done that in a live in person. This format just seems to be comfortable. Yeah,

spk_0 186:44
I mean, let’s think about this is far as a customer’s expectation, right? And customers had to, you know, rely upon the same communication methods with the Inspector. The appraiser. Whoever might be ins are the transaction, right? So, like, moving for Do you think it’s, like, feasible or realistic for a customer to make a decision on who they’re gonna hire based upon their ability to meet and have a meaningful conversation across different stages of the transaction?

spk_1 221:22
I think they already doing it like I think that they’ve already we’ve already gotten to that place.

spk_0 228:04
Yes. So we’re like we just preaching to the choir, like is like, if you’re not doing this, you can’t like function. This is the score.

spk_1 234:95
Your your first, you’re going to be miss out on a whole lot of business. Ah, I mean, there are people that now that this door has been opened, Even if it may not be a necessity anymore that it’s got to be done this way. Um, for safety purposes, it can be done the way it was. I think that they have realized that this is a easier way and maybe even a more convenient way for them. And the the people that are refusing to adapt to that are going to miss out on a huge section of consumers that are just gonna really demand that we be more flexible on how we communicate with people.

spk_0 278:71
Yeah, I know. And I know keep your broker just grown since we last met, right?

spk_1 283:64
Oh, yeah. Three agents joined today. So

spk_0 287:89
on boarding all of the your new agents right to because you’d have to have meetings that were done faced. It’s like, how many more of these meetings were you able to crank out because, oh, my gosh, at office type of dynamic, where there’s sometimes there’s more distractions on, there are conversations folk too focused on productivity,

spk_1 306:43
you know? So, um, on a, uh, about a monthly basis, we would do kind of on boarding training, making sure that everybody is kind of up to speed with what all we offer with tools, technology and training. And the biggest obstacle for us was always trying to schedule it around when we could have that big of a group, Uh, and what space they were going to be using and which office? Four offices which office we were going to physically be using. We try to rotate it through, and we’re now having those weekly and, um, where we can interact with people in a, um, it seems weird, but in a more intimate way because the, um, the groups are as big. And we it’s it’s much easier and simpler, too have these weekly than what we were going through monthly. And we thought we were making it simple by doing it monthly before. Um, it’s just a hassle to get that many people coordinate and get their times and, you know, logistically get them to a location and have you know that location reserved? Um, you don’t have to You don’t have any of that with, uh, you know, when you’re doing zoom calls, video calls, it’s, uh there are things that we will never go back to. How we were doing is they’re going to be a mixed blend of how we do things. Absolutely. But this is just really catapulted us into Ah, just mawr connection with our agents than we’ve ever had.

spk_0 408:92
Yes, um, or participation, right? Where is you? Absolutely. Somebody who might have been more distant or inaccessible in the past is now. There’s kind of, like, no excuses.

spk_1 419:1
Absolutely. I mean, eso we just We had forms training, Um ah. Last week and forms. Training is typically ah, very basic kind of training for newer agents. And, uh, we had a probably, you know, at least 25% of the people on that zoom call were experienced agents that were just trying to like, they want to brush up on some things that that’s just some things that didn’t happen before, right, because it wasn’t as convenient, and so they couldn’t make it. They might have an inspection or closing, and they just couldn’t drive to a physical location, attend that and then drive to their, you know, their closing or inspection, whatever they had to do, showing Ah, but now they can They can hop on it real quick, get some, uh, some knowledge and education and then move on about their life, you know?

spk_0 471:9
Yeah. And even like to be able to explain certain concepts, like, let’s get a contract, right? How much easier is it to be able to share your screen other than trying to explain a paragraph over the phone? Like what’s right? What’s that

spk_1 488:0
different? I mean, being able to pull it up and point to it, you know, with your with your mouths. And, you know, um, walk them through like, this is where you click this re click as before. You know, a silly as it sounds. We’ve had Zoom for a long time. We just didn’t utilize it like we should have, Um, mainly because, you know, there wasn’t as high of familiarity among so many people as there is now, but we were doing that over the phone. Okay. What do you see on your screen? Stay up in the up. In the top left hand corner. Do you see? What does it say? Okay, click that. Okay. You know, now what is that? Now, what are your options? I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. I mean, as recently is probably February.

spk_0 534:24
Yeah, yes. So you’re able. You’re able to actually decrease the length of your conversations for support, right? Probably get it right the first and get more people who are deeply involved in the day to day operations of their business. Like I don’t

spk_1 548:49
and then and record it and then send it to somebody else that might have the same issue, right? You don’t have yet, right?

spk_0 559:42
You know, it’s interesting looking at, like information architecture, like the brain of your company, right in the brain of your company is a Siris of conversations. And those conversations, if they were recorded and archived in a way that was meaningful, you’re able to then access that conversation. Not just with the search, but also with voice. Right? How do I feel? You know, Alexa, how do I feel it? That contract boo at Alexa, Ask ReMax mid states. How do I feel of that contract? Boom. You have the answer. And then you also have it sent to sense the form to you by text message like these are some of the things they’re a possible. And I love you. If you’re open to this like I think part of reason why we’re talking here today is because I know you guys air doers, right? Yeah. You pick it up in the short, right? So, um, you know, here’s a question for you. Like, how are you showing up inside of the zoom meetings right now? And how is that different from your competition?

spk_1 621:64
Oh, I, um I doubt it’s different from my competition. What do you mean showing up

spk_0 626:11
like OK, so for example, it’s not to pick on you guys, but it’s just like this. Is this the reality?

spk_1 631:71
Go ahead. You know you’re going to I

spk_0 635:31
most people, right? It’s high ages. High achievers don’t ever want to be labeled as most people. Right? So, like, we want to stand out, right? We’re most of us. How we strope on our screens through the square, which is the webcam and and really, that when it behind us, we have an office behind us right there, Home office, or it’s our work office, or might be just some random location where you might be right. And so when you think about the possibilities of what you can put inside of this screen, I’m gonna give you going to give you some examples? Right Of like what? That could potentially look at Look look like, because guess what you know right now is I just kind of like if we did the intro, right, if we if we started this over, you know, we’re just kind of, like, be right back. And then we then we had, let’s say, maybe even went to the countdown. You know, with a little bit of music screen screen selling. This is all happening inside of the webcam. Feel this is not happening inside of screen share mode and you can know you’re trying to facilitate a conversation, right? You want to do it in your webcam? Not in screen Share just because just because the possibilities, so is he. Then you say All right, everybody, we’re gonna get started today and I don’t know if that, like, once that thing pops right now, What is this gonna be? Is this gonna be be the introduction to your weekly broker meeting? Right. Are we got meeting is different from everybody else’s. Maybe it’s your recorded videos that you give the supplement. The training for local resource is right. Maybe that’s it so we can think about is creating different like scenes or different types of environments that you can get into that has your webcam position that has your brand. You know, you can see, like the little logos and stuff in the name like that becomes a brand that becomes a template that you can adjust just based upon the the point in the conversation. Right. And we know that with these meetings, it’s not just a matter of how many people get on it’s, too. It’s who’s, like, actively engaged. So, like, maybe you have this type of thing where you’re like ST Okay, everybody, Right now I want you to type the answer to this question. Ready, set, go. So now they’re engaging. Now they’re actually doing something. Not like most zoo meetings, right? Like most zoom meetings, everybody’s sitting here like this. Okay, right. Okay. Her for 40 for 45 minutes, right? Well, maybe if I tried to pretend, smile, to protect themselves from the agony, right?

spk_1 806:44
Yeah, but or or if it’s a big group like, you know, if there’s like 20 people on it, there’s a lot of this and thats no e remember. Remember

spk_0 821:11
from Big Cedar There, there’s your default look right. Most people looking technology like,

spk_1 825:23
Yeah, so, like this and that

spk_0 829:09
angry ever seen immediate. This becomes because there’s all leave it up to somebody, right? Leave it up to somebody to take a screenshot, and that’s it’s a post on social media and then all of the influencer of the industry. Oh, look like this.

spk_1 847:55
That’s just a

spk_0 848:32
sec. I couldn’t help myself, but we you know, we think about, like even for even for people who support your business, right? I want you should aways like in the minute. Hey, you know, we can’t thank our title company arm orders under for really helping us allocate. The resource is needed to be able to fund this drive or movement, whatever it might be. No eso and then also like for different types of Let’s say, there’s something you want to come to like a specific value proposition that you want to talk about during a recruiting meeting, right with an agent somebody says people even like with recruiting. What I love about Zoom is like you don’t have to ever worry about showing up in somebody’s office and somebody says, Well, hey, why are you here? Are you thinking about coming over? And that kind of like, might they might be worried about that. So that’s why I like the zoo. Meetings for recruitment are so big. So think about what types of scenes air value proposition that you would have put in for different, different types of formats and even, like, think about this. Right. So I’m gonna So okay, we can probably even do like a little contest. You know, to say who can, who can, Who can sell ReMax the best, right? Nice. Now here’s here’s the thing. Like if we went around the room and okay, Steve, Steve goes, you know, consider this contest to be a stream off, right? Okay. Like like like where? It’s kind of like the competition to see who can deliver the best type of like stream. The only the only deal is like one thing you want avoid, especially when it’s a group like this is do not cross stream E. I really can’t help myself. Sorry. So OK, so who’s who’s camera view would better sell ReMax right now. Yours yours. So when you think about this. This is one deal, right? What if where What if we were talking about searching for homes? Let’s say like, okay, yeah, that company. You know, they’ve got a really good search tool, and I agree, like it’s got It’s got something nice. But you know what’s missing from there’s that we have is this right? Yeah. Oh, when you think about it, whether it’s, you know, uh, ReMax ReMax mid states, right? Is the franchise or or or it’s your your office? Yep. Franchise E. And then you have your agents that have these types of environments to then decide what type of broadcasts. It’s consistent with the brand branding guidelines and everything else. Now, right now, you can get to a point where you create the standard that’s been used by everybody, right? So I think like I can get trend. Everybody saw it’s been around for years. Is the zoom virtual back around right? This takes it to a whole nother level. In addition to just being able to fit this came review, write it right inside of it. And so yeah, me as the expert right, supported by ReMax. Now I get I get to give my take. Right? So this is what it’s like. And this is what it’s like in Southwest Missouri. This is what it’s like in northeast north Northeast Arkansas. Like it’s me with my message back behind the brand. Um, you know, for this. And so you know, you might even say like, I might even say to you, you might even say it to whoever’s doing this is you know, tell me more, right? Like, right now. Women preacher mode. No. Can’t you

spk_1 1084:72
understand what I’m saying? E

spk_0 1088:15
come in. Freaked your mode. Now, what’s unless I’ve connected with you in your, like, Doug, this is really cool. Can you tell me a little bit more, right. You tell me a little bit more than I pushed. I pushed one button, and now I’m kind of in this teacher mode to be able to walk you through. Okay, so you do want a two bedroom, one bath, two bedroom, two bath, and then just kind of like, go through this and then when somebody says, like, okay, like, was that helpful? Was that meaningful or Hey, you know what? If you have a question, you can type it in the participant chat, and I’m being kind of, like, move on. So you get to kind of, like, decide the flow of the conversation between preacher mode between teacher mode, um, engagement mode. Um, that’s all branded inside of your webcam.

spk_1 1141:49
I love that. And how much? I guess the question is, we don’t see when you see what kind of investment you have to make do that. I mean, what do you have in front of you that allowed?

spk_0 1153:74
Well, the biggest investment you would have to make is in me, right? Because, well, course, help you get it right the first time. Soon you’ll be first a market. Everybody would copy what you’re doing like that. Um, you know. But, you know, realistically, when you look at a studio, you can have, like, you could have what they haven’t LLC, right. This magnificent studio that has, you know, all these bells, bells and whistles. And I can imagine what that investment or something like this. That’s kind of like on the lower end, minus two, minus the computer, maybe like a max of $1,502,000. And when I say that like, I could probably invest in a little bit better for this. We’re a little bit better for that. And just of this, depending on what my priorities are. You know, as far as being able to engage or how many different things of thes things, though, I want to make available. Or like, let’s say it’s uni, even like the document camera, right? I need to show something visual like that, like each one of these air. An opportunity to really, like, create different ways of you being able to show up inside of this little deal. Yeah, And also, when you think about it to, like, it’s not just zoom meeting. But, you know, if you were going to create training, resource is right, you know, how do you make your training resource is available for people when they need them? Um, not that they have to, like, go search for, like, how do you make it easy for them? So, you know, with that being said, I could take you on a little journey to discuss like, Oh, you can start to automate different communication, um, different communications that support a higher adoption of brokered services, you know, if you want. But I can kind of give you an option. We kind of like playing this space we get into kind of like the automation, even like natural language, maybe even Alexis stuff. I’ll give you an opportunity. Kind of no shift this conversation, however, so that you get the most value, right? The fact they’re working

spk_1 1281:36
with what’s something. So tell me this happened. So I’m seeing all kinds of possibilities here. Um, especially dealing with, um, with training situations. Um, how many cameras are you working with?

spk_0 1299:34
Um, well, I have to right now. Three ones

spk_1 1305:42
that include the document camera

spk_0 1307:34
that includes the document camera. Right. Okay. I can have more set up. I could have this set up his full green screen if I wanted, Um, I could put my green screen suit on, so all you see is my head. You know, like, I mean, you could do a lot of crazy things. Um,

spk_1 1326:04
So we’ve invested in some green screens for our offices. Um, and, uh, so we’ve invested in some of the and the proper lighting and everything. Obviously, I’m not using it, but, um, it’s, uh uh I mean, I think that there’s a whole lot of people that are probably have already invested in some of this stuff already. Right now, they just need to know how to piece it together and use it.

spk_0 1353:19
Absolutely. That’s that. That’s what it was for me. Right? So, rewind last week, you know, I was delivering a presentation for the National Speakers Association. Right? So the national Speaker associations, where professional speakers goto, like, learn and hone their craft. Right. So I was just grateful to be able to be one of the people that was kind of giving back to my peers, right And that and that with that regard. And so this whole thing was on voice assistance, not screen to screen selling. And so when it up happening is, I think, Well, how do I up my game? So what I did is I just invested in some better lighting, some better sound equipment. Um, a couple other gadgets that help me quickly improve my time to task, right? Like when you think about, um when I went from when I went from here to this specific web site, how long did it take for me to be able to do that? Split second. How quickly would you be able to do that? Giving your concurrent work deal first. 1st 1st is everybody right? Keep this. Is everything just like, um uh, First I would have to go into screen share mode. Then I would hedge.

spk_1 1426:54
Let me let me find the screen share button, guys, I got it way. Oh, they like any soon? Can you see? Can you see my web browser? Okay. Okay. Wait. You can’t see it. OK, OK, I got it. Yeah, I get permission. Yeah.

spk_0 1444:87
Times. Times. How many meetings? Yeah, was how many days? Yeah, weeks, months, years. Um, so, yeah, And then And then also, when you think about the visual or the website, you want to be able to demonstrate in addition to just being able to share screen, How long would it take for you to have the right website open?

spk_1 1468:24
Oh, I mean, yeah, like you’re you know, not long. I mean, it is for a screen sharing that part of it is, you know, pushing, but just being ready. But I think one of the magical things about this and Doug, you when you were talking, you made me think about this is that if you keep, is the one in front of his group presenting something out here, what he’s presenting, if it’s a video or if it’s a former whatever, you don’t get credit for being the person that’s providing the information. And I think that’s what’s magical about it. They’re thinking, Wow, where did you get this or how did you do this? But if you delivering it and I think that’s what makes it so cool, so well, so the thing about um, like shortening the time for transition is all of those fumbles while it’s taking 15 2030 seconds to transition into setting something up, That is an opportune time for your participant to be like, Oh, well, while you’re doing that, let me check my text messages real quick. And then you’ve lost them, right? Um, maybe for five minutes. While there did, they just discovered a crisis they didn’t know about their having to do with it. You know who had had? They didn’t have that ability to take that pause. They would have still been engaged with you, and they’re crisis. Could have waited until after you were finished, but I would even add something that is that there’s people that fly giant airplanes and have a lot more in front of that. Well, now I’ve got a Facebook live going right in front of the screen. I can watch. I can look at that. And I can interact with this too. I think that people love about format is that they can still, you know, you. You hope they don’t walk out of the room and you leave completely. But they do assumptions else and work with you for sure. Yeah, for sure.

spk_0 1577:8
Well, one, I think one of things that I might be It might be useful for you to see your different tools used in different capacities. Okay. You want me to take you on a little ride here? Sure. So, um, so I think about creating like videos, right? We’re all familiar with Loom.

spk_1 1593:94
Uh, no, This will

spk_0 1596:68
change your life. Right? So used to use Google chrome, I do. Who will? So I’m gonna actually send this link in the participant chat so I can save you from having a retyping or having to research it that way you click on it, you will be able to add to your browser. But here’s what you’re actually gonna like Demo loom in real time here. And so guess how much it costs for loom.

spk_1 1620:64
How much is it free

spk_0 1622:28
or Yeah, it’s for you.

spk_1 1623:37
Oh my God, that’s amazing.

spk_0 1624:5
You like for you say for you, right? So then So then let’s pretend them on this website or let’s say it’s a form right. It’s a form that’s already pulled up inside of your transaction management. You could When he is button to click, start recording. You already kind of plugged in. Now you see, this is the green screen of me of the camera that already have turned on. I could turn this. I could turn this to a different likes where it’s just screened only. And it has my logo. Um, but I’m just gonna just screen and camp for for the sake of this. So once I click start recording just like a screen share 321 Action to Marty. Marty in it. Hey, everybody, it’s Doug, Um, with X Y Z Realty. And today I’m just gonna show you this awesome website if you haven’t seen it. But here’s where the gift is screw all the way down and then click on, um, become an agent, and you will see you with the powers. Okay, everybody have a nice day. So then you click the same button that started it. This stop it Bulls in the S e o from the webpage has already been created. And then when you download this, you can download this sucker right to your computer to do some advanced editing if you want or this little link. So I’m gonna copy this link, and then I would pace. It’s a participant chat inside of Zoom. So now I just shared with you video of what I just created fast, like we look at, like, type member, time to task productivity. Wow. When you think about. Okay, so here. So you see where, like, Okay, this is the creation of the video, right? So we’re gonna want to do is, like, start to organize all of your videos in a meaningful way so that you have other people working on it. So the future of work, Like like, if you were going to rewind 10 years ago, you would have Ah, you would have Microsoft excel, right? You’d have dropbox we have. Email is ways of being able to collaborate. Right now, the solution called Air Table like that’s wonder right down air table allows you to create an organized your content for, you know, many different ways. So if this is the video name like think about what? One of the top 100 videos that you’re going to create right video for each neighborhood video for each form video for each whatever, right? Yeah. Then you have. Then you have the category. So this would be the category and you could organize it by, like, training video. We’re gonna analyze why, whatever, and then eso So then you have years where here’s where your air table comes in. Super handy is now there’s an actual image or a file that’s associated with this. So this is where it blends in. Microsoft excel in Dropbox into one deal, right? If you look at the top here, this is what super cool. Everything’s organized. You never have toe like as far as being the project manager or the owner supervising this right? Everything’s all in one place. So these are the videos. This these air, the staff members with all their contact information. Um, the reason why you’re seeing so much of this filled in already because this is set up as a template. So if I just showed you some templates here like, holy cow, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But when you look at when I go back to where we were here with this, um, this digital video production, I go back to video like you would even have a column for video and you would upload the video that you just downloaded from loom. Right. Okay, so here’s another tool that will help you to massively create con content. And this is one. Actually, I developed I developed this for myself because I was doing it so many times. I was just like, Well, I’m not gonna have some another company do this. I’m just gonna have this done. So this what this does is I’ll show you after I log in as this will convert your video files into audio files, your audio files into transcript nice rights of See where it says a video here. So once I upload the video through the tool, I have my different outputs SRT That’s the subtitles for social media videos you can edit right inside here. Um, so I sent that in the participant shot for you to look at to So all of these different file formats now could be put into know of a project management that makes stuff easily accessible. Well, do you want? I’ll do? I’ll do. I’ll do, um, is so give me like a yea or nay on. This is hopeful

spk_1 1919:14
it is for sure.

spk_0 1920:39
Okay, cool. So I’m gonna do I’m gonna do one more, do one more with you here. This is twilio, all right? This is where you can create the same if not better stuff than buj. And I say that I don’t know. This is what All the company’s air using the program the technology, right? Like all your competitors, that air, like heavy in the program, is this is whether using the program, um, SMS response, SMS responses, voice, interactive phone numbers. Right. So if I click on here by a phone number, this is inside a twilio. What’s your what’s your zip code, bubba? One or not? Zip code? Uh, yeah.

spk_1 1964:32
Good. I knew what you meant.

spk_0 1968:14
So now it’s gonna look for phone numbers there. Buck a month. Right? Well, you said for you to send a text message. Guess how much it is. It’s less than a penny for each 10 wow. So when you think about, like, automation, somebody signs in for an open house, like, do they get a text message response? If not, then you can figure out a way to be able to automate this stuff. So, um, I’ll show you inside in Studio flow is inside a twilio. This is where you don’t have to be a programmer to be able to do this stuff, so I’ll just show you here. This is an example of one chatbots when an incoming text messages comes in, if there’s a little welcome message, right? Hello. Thanks for being a part of influence. 2020. We have three questions for you. Ready? Here’s number one. Which, which went with session has been the most valuable. Yes, that’s an opened. That’s an open ended question, right? Yep. Could be. This could be feedback for an open house. Yeah. What did you like about this house? The most. And please give me specific detail on somebody who might respond back. Well, I hated the I hated the kitchen saying, and I didn’t. Wasn’t able to flush the toilet. Um, it doesn’t matter what the answer is. What matters is you gave an open ended way of being able to collect that response using a text message, and then, boom, you’ve got the next one. Um, Yep. Ah, this is the This acknowledges the answer, right? Thanks for sharing that we can’t sway to see your success. Question number two. Right. So now we’re collecting open ended responses in a way, that way is meaningful. That, like, over time, right? Think about this. If somebody sends a text message end or using the mobile phone number it right now, you can have that as a lead follow up source to be able Teoh, communicate with them right now. There are. You know, I think you’re Keith your attorney by trade, right? Yep. Though you know, let the buyer beware. You want to make sure that there there’s, like, a terms of use or privacy like that? You have some sort of like something that would limit your liability, but at the same time, like people are giving you open at it answers that, like next, Like tomorrow. If you talked him over the phone, you would have the responses there from the feedback that they had given, right? So, you know, I just This is like, you think of other examples of being able to do this. This would be follow up to agent training, right? This absolutely would be, um, you know, ways of being able to automate the delivery of, let’s say, real estate forms. Right. So if you were going to say, send send a text message, right, Like, give me the buyer agency agreement by text, message, text, text SMS can now understand, um, natural language. And so I’ll take you to one more. This will be kind of like this that this hasn’t So this is for keep in mind. This is for SMS and phone to write. So somebody calls in. You could have these pre recorded as MP three files. Yeah. Let your voice. Yeah. Yeah. It could be a good I have to do is record the voice based upon the script that you wrote or or you know what? What’s inside of these settings is text to speech that it will just speak whatever text that you wrote. Obviously pre recorded MP three files or better, right? But it depends on how magical you would make this thing in the end. Yeah. Um uh, so for, like Okay. Okay. Well, I was gonna take you to this one. This one’s called autopilot. How many questions do you get per day

spk_1 2205:77
per day, Mina? I mean, several dozen. At least. I

spk_0 2218:63
think you’re being 50. Probably e mails you get per day that you need to respond to.

spk_1 2232:11
Ah, that I need. I mean, I get probably 800 emails a day. That are, uh, I’m gonna say semi legitimate. Uh, probably need to respond to probably 40 or 50 of them.

spk_0 2246:81
Okay, Cool. All right. Um, and sometimes you do. You might need to respond something. There’s something, but no, but people didn’t have the opportunity to be able to ask you, so you never were able to answer the question. The fair enough? Yep. You’re not available. You only so many hours a day, right? Yep. You can’t multiply yourself until you learn how to automate yourself. So for sure, So using this thing so using this thing called autopilot the way that you can programmatically, um, create automated responses for multiple channels. So I want you. I want you to see this year. So this is just before we go into anything. These air, the channels, right. We have automated seaQuest for sequence. For somebody talking over the phone. You have automated sequence through, um, SMS have an automated sequence for online chat. Automated sequence for asking something on Amazon. Alexa, Google assistant WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. And then it’s like, if you need it now, I would imagine that probably three of these might come into play immediately. Facebook messenger. If you have a page, right? Yeah. Or ah. Voice or sms. Probably easiest to be able to kind of like dial in. So, using this, I’m just going to show you just gonna show you these things. So, um, this was created F A Q style. So when somebody says to over the phone or they say by SMS or they say, Alexa, this is what somebody would say to it, right? Somebody would say, Well, I want to buy a smart home camera system or someone might say, I want to buy a smart camera this is that natural lung language. Understand, then people have to identify early on like this is an exercise you would do so that you anticipate the language that ends coming and then two, then give a programmatic response. It’s a road of programmatic responses as order a smart camera here at this website, right? So when you think about you know, if you were to rewind over, let’s say the course of a week right from the frequently asked questions that you have to answer or the frequently asked questions that your ages would have to answer on behalf of the brand that you’ve established on the guidelines with policies and procedures, everything else you’ve created a uniform response to each one of these frequently has questions in a meaningful way. And it’s also, um, that you can ask any time and you would get the precise answer with an option to be able to talk to a live person

spk_1 2425:07
for sure. Yeah, I mean, this is Ah, I mean, I’m thinking of so many things that are just ah, that just I get asked over and over again that have very simple answers. Um, you know, what’s our Hud. You know, n a I d number. Uh, You know, I’ve got a question about my monthly em boys. Can you help me with that? Like it could be response. Hey, uh, Josh can help you with that. Here’s his number. Um, or here’s what the maid number is there, you know, Here’s what our E i n number is It’s just there’s so many just very simple responses that are just the same over and over again. They could take care of a whole lot of people

spk_0 2465:32
well, and you can You can group these right into prioritized So you know what people say. What’s The top 10 frequently asked questions. That’s because they don’t want people want to minimize the number of times they have to answer that same question, right? Yeah, that’s the reason why we have these. Well, now we have a We have a programmatic way that’s super cheap. I wanted me a super seen. This is like build for startups. That’s a reason why I like if or when this thing I’ve ever takes off and gets ah, high adoption rate. It’s not. You’re not breaking the bank on the early side and not on the end to because, you know, the pricing is done at scale. Yeah, like a bent mount. Depends on what’s the creative experience that you want to create inside of this mean this, this medium so that it’s meaningful, Um, and that everybody kind of wins doesn’t replace what you do. It complements what you do for sure. Yeah, that last time out of Steve, like we were to save your average broker, I don’t know how many hours per week. What’s the contribution back to their bottom line, right? I don’t know. That’s gonna fluctuate nonmarket or or ability to adapt. And other, um, you know, situations well, like like

spk_1 2545:37
I mean, there’s there’s even more than that it is being able to retain that agent that is getting the the information and responses back almost immediately for things that they’re working on. Right then, like that, that means something to them, as opposed to possibly having to wait two or three hours to get a response from me that they might get frustrated with it. I’m in a meeting, and it’s taken me that long to respond to them. Um, and that information could have been readily given to them in an automated style. I mean, just saving one agent, just saving one agent from being unhappy and leaving being due to frustration would pay for, would pay for all of this for at least a year. Maybe more so, Doug, you’re gonna have to convince us. Old guys, though, have hell is gonna take you down some roads. Like all the utility companies that says press one for press two for And you got to go through all that.

spk_0 2608:35
No, no, you know, you’re right. So this is like, OK, um, when you do when you have a website made right, you follow web design principles, right? And the better the better website designer is gonna have, understand wire framing. They’re gonna understand prototyping there. You understand how all the pieces put together on how to build the best website. Right? So we come when we when we transfer over to something that automation with regards to automated SMS automated Facebook Instant messenger. Um, it’s kind of like I’m kind of kind of like and I lost my lost my train of thought here.

spk_1 2658:95
Well, let me I’ve got a thought because that’s the opening for it. You should have a time where somebody says You’ve just left my comfort and like when you start talking about coding and things, get a gets that gets that because he’s been involved with that in the past. The man. You lose a lot of your audience when you start talking about the back into some of these systems because it’s like That’s where we hire guys like you because we don’t You know, we have no background in any way of knowing that

spk_0 2689:38
there’s there’s there’s resource is on conversational design, right, cause you’re having a conversation with an SMS. You having a conversation that’s automated over the phone? You having a conversation with Facebook? That’s that’s automated. You have to understand what with a proper how to design a proper response. How to design a prompt right would prompt is kind of like asking for somebody to a call to action and do it in a way that a customer’s not gonna like. Say, Well, this doesn’t work, Okay? And so you know, does your website Is it perfect the first time? No. Does it get better? The more people use it and more you start to get feedback and then you start to say with a website. Well, you know, I see you over here. Can it can do this can to do the same for me. And then you start to have different types of conversations on how a conversational, um, chatbots would evolve. Um, you know, you have to start somewhere, I think. Yeah,

spk_1 2746:07
I visualize. This is like singer at BOC or something. You got a room full of 1000 people. When you start talking about zoom first and you say, Are you using it? You know the best way you can. All 1000 people are paying it’d. And then as the conversation starts, the narrow when it gets down to actually what we’re talking about now very finite group of people that get that they’re going to get out of Take that to the next life.

spk_0 2775:88
Well, sure. And this is the conversation will have five years from now. This will be the same. You know, it’s and it’s not like like sorry you didn’t get this the first time. I think you have to be open to the

spk_1 2791:97
possibility. Say that, Not me. It would

spk_0 2796:68
be open to the possibility, right? Yes. You have to be comfortable. Okay. How is this right? You have to be a comfortable in your own skin that you don’t know all of the answers. Yeah, right. We’re talking because you guys are students of this business. I know you’ll do. You will do two things, probably by the end of next week. You know, just based upon this, um, in some sort of capacity, right? Or do some sort of research that helps. Sure. That’s why that’s why. Enjoy talking. Talking to you, I actually put it took put it to use. Well,

spk_1 2836:96
in the other factor that you bring to the table dodges the entertainment factor. I like to learn, but I also like to be entertained, and you have a way of inserting humor into selling your stuff, which is kind of important. So I think agents would eat this up there. I mean, not all of them. There’s going to be a good group of them, though, that, uh, they’re interested in this stuff. They’re interested in taking things to another level, setting themselves apart. Ah, and becoming more efficient with things. And, um, there are There are agents willing to invest the time Ah, and the dollars to do it, especially especially what teams teams have. Oh, my gosh, on that Do nothing but think about things like this. Yep, absolutely.

spk_0 2887:27
And so what’s so also to kind of like to help you plant some seeds with this this type of work? Because it’s custom, right? This is cut like custom crew. You can create your own custom environment. Well, you create your own custom chatbots or whatever. It might be our custom mobile app. Well, the good news is when once you create one, it becomes a model for many, right? So let’s pretend here that you re create the perfect ah, chatbots that responds to open house enquiries. Let’s just say that that’s the one that we’ve nailed the best. Well, guess what? Inside of one of these little tools, there’s an export function to then create the template that then could be imported and ever in anyone’s environment who participates in that program, right? I mean, even if we even if, let’s say Steve week, we created some sort of mastermind group of the top brokers who wanted to buy into my into something like this like we have the opportunity to collectively create templates for the represent the best practices for everybody else and also reinforced the brand values. Um, that’s kind of Ah, this way. There’s not just one that kind of stands out. This is the best. This would be the best representation of the community that’s facilitated inside of a process. Okay, that’s the big picture. That’s like the Yes. It’s not like, you know, one deal, right? That’s like this. This impacts that thousands, right? So

spk_1 2982:77
how somebody get a hole that he does?

spk_0 2986:87
Um, with you. If anybody is right now is through the Facebook pages is listening. There’s a message button that you can collect the follow with me that way. You know my phone number. Like if you want to write this down. Eyes 314 or 96 5973 Now that’s not being automated phone number that’s directed me. So I sorry to burst your bubble like I want to talk to Doug. I e o automated getting me Oh, no. Okay. And hand. You know what the good news is? If is, if you can’t make people laugh, there’s a button for that

spk_1 3036:98
you can do your own. Yeah, there’s

spk_0 3039:18

  1. So is there five minutes and just sit here and laugh together?

spk_1 3046:95
Doug, I appreciate you taking the time to do this. This has been pretty amazing. I have, um, like, my mind is a little blown right now, um, thinking, thinking about all the possibilities and how this could be implemented. Um, just to help, you know, grow and improve things that I’m always This kind of stuff is always fascinating to me. The last presentation I saw that you did, I came back immediately. Started, um, doing some of the things that I saw you do just because I thought it was fascinating and the agents just love it as well. I mean, I think that they similarly, they would just eat this up.

spk_0 3089:76
Do you remember? Remember the Alexa skill. So? So the what? Every next the y remax. Alexis kill was a very 1st 1 that I made that wouldn’t in the realtor party. Right? They got shut down. Um, but but but a big cedar, right? Like I was thinking. Okay. Zoom. Okay. This was what, 2017? Okay, people have zoom right. Zooms not new. People have zoom. I want to bring something special, right? Something super special to re Max if it states had never seen before slash when I brought Alexa with me, right. And so, um, you know, ask why? Why Joined remax, Whatever. You get the answer. Um, how do you want to see what we can do now with this thing? So So not only do we have, like, talking text like text message, and we have talking talked over the phone. But now we can talk to our TVs. You know what I’m saying?

spk_1 3149:72
You know what you mean? Like there’s what

spk_0 3154:21
So you can talk to your TV when there’s an Alexis skill that’s been created that represents a synthetic intellect or your mind organized in conversations that’s truly beneficial to people like once you once you have been able to kind of like, architect that out and not website design. But you have that done invoice design. Now you can have a Now you can set up a Lexus skill that acts as kind of the facilitator of a specific outcome so I can show you an example of you going to see it. Okay, um, pull of the doctors that made little document skin or so Anytime I do something. But this this is the, uh, echo show device, right? Yep. So at least with my brand, I wanted to keep its kind of the same with this with what I’m doing is voice marketing. Right. So, Alexa, open voice marketing.

spk_1 3213:41
Welcome to unofficial voice Marketing for Business Created by Doug doubIe Tree. I like to play the podcaster. Start the course

spk_0 3221:8
started the course. I

spk_1 3225:19
would like to continue video from where you left off. No. Welcome to this course you are in for a one of a kind experience on how to use Amazon. Alexa for business

spk_0 3239:19
is a voice activated court.

spk_1 3240:62
Personal productivity watch videos

spk_0 3243:33
on no fingers. I could tell, you know, fingers, stick devices, modules on other echo devices. It started using Amazon. Alexa.

spk_1 3256:38
Congratulations. Using Amazon. Alexa Chances are you all So

spk_0 3260:87
this is the module. So you get it. You have the ascent assignment sent to you by text message or

spk_1 3270:54
tell me to play the margin.

spk_0 3271:63
Play the video

spk_1 3272:22
to the next one. Well, you, the assignment,

spk_0 3275:94
play video, everybody. It’s Doug Day victory with voice marketing for business. And today I’m going to give you a very

spk_1 3287:54
That’s pretty neat.

spk_0 3288:31
So when you think about, like, access to information now is like, voice activated right through our content that we have, um, available so you could have this set up where, you know, let’s have start my office meeting and then whether its latest market stats or its latest Ah ah, the training of the month that you wanna have facilitated by Alexa, um, he’s Could each of these, like, you know, much these devices are too right? They’re not that much.

spk_1 3316:76
No, we’ve got We’ve got, like, five of them.

spk_0 3320:09
Yeah, you have that. You have the TV one? The show? Yeah. OK, yes. So, um, if you go to Alexis, skill search for Alexis skills, or I can send this to you, but this is the link to be able to try it out. You can kind of, like, so that there’s a public so you can have like when you make these things, they could be public or they could be private. This is meant to be public. Um, but if I wanted to have his only for specific members of ruling for specific users. Yeah, and, um, I can only give people that have the right authorization to access step of content.

spk_1 3365:23
Yeah, I like that. You know, Doug, trainers should be all right. Jennifer. Anything for sure?

spk_0 3378:23
Yeah. Yeah. These air, the thes air, these ideas will set the trends for everybody else. It’s just a matter of who can You can kind of take it right and make it their own bacon impact and then established themselves as the leader in their marketplace.

spk_1 3398:15
Yep. I know he’s got to go. And it’s a good thing about do you? Well, my back, my back was hurting. But I do. I do have Teoh. I do have to go to my next appointment. But this has been like super like this has been super enlightening. This is This is really cool stuff.

spk_0 3416:87
Well, this is this is recorded is on the Facebook page. If you want to share with anybody else, you think my benefit from it? Um you know, you have my permission to do that.

spk_1 3424:43
Awesome. Okay, definitely. Thanks, Dad. You’re on. I appreciate Joe.

spk_0 3430:02
Alright, right. You guys have a great day. You too. Take care


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