In preparation to speak for the National Auctioneers Association, I met with one the board members, Rob Weiman to get some background on the group so I could tailor my talk to meet their specific needs.  My program is for the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) education track, the industry designation for the top auctioneers in the world.

Watch this video to see what we will talk about.

Auction with auctioneer holding wooden hammer

I asked him the question…

What is the one thing that the CAI members need the most help with but they aren’t willing to admit?

Taken back by the question with a long pause, Rob said…

They already know what to do, they just need to be reminded.

This answer hit me like a ton of bricks because you would think the top auctioneers need to know the latest tool, the newest tactic, or a fresh idea when in fact all they need is validation that what they are doing is on track with best practices.

When I look at my Twitter feed every day I see quotes, affirmations, and thoughts from some of the most popular thought leaders today trying to pick up a fresh nugget.  But what I’m finding is that there aren’t any new truths.  There are only regurgitations of the same message expressed as text, a picture, a video, or elaborated in a blog post.

So what do the top pros want?

Do what you already know faster than anyone else.

Do what you already know with more quality than anyone else.

Do what you already know with courage than anyone else.

Do what you already know with more joy with anyone else.

Truth be told.

I’ve never sold a property an at auction before in my life.  I’ve never marketed an auction for anyone else in my life.  It simply doesn’t matter.

As a process expert, not an industry expert, I’m able to bring an outside view with practical business experience that most people haven’t seen before so that the auctioneers can take a fresh approach at doing what they already know.

Side note

After returning to my office from meeting with Rob I received a message out of the blue on Facebook from my friend Braden McCurdy who is also a seasoned auctioneer out of Wichita Kansas.  He shared with me some cutting edge tools, processes, and ideas to make my presentation better.  I’ve never been so welcomed into a new industry with such generosity before.  If Rob and Braden weren’t so gracious with their time then my presentation would have only assumed what I knew was what they wanted to know.  Thank you Rob and Braden for  your help which in the end helps their entire industry.

This is just another example of…

Auctioneers helping Auctioneers


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