Do you wish you could keep track of your vitals when it comes to tracking your brain performance, fitness goals, and health regimen?

Instead of having to remember everything in a paper journal, you can measure the metrics all from your mobile devices and make adjustments to your daily routine as necessary.

Check out the recommended apps and add the exercises as a routine to do list in order to help you reach your personal health, mind and physical goals.

Inner balance app

#1 Heart Math

Did you know  you can alter  brain performance by your adjusting your breathing pattern?  

Busy executives and sales professionals in high stress environments will find unhealthy alternatives to manage their stress unless they find a better way to cope.  Coherence meditation using the Inner Balance app is an inexpensive solution compared to a bottle of whiskey a week.

Buy the piece that connects your iPad/iPhone  ($99) and clip it to your ear.  Next, breath in and out to move from a high anxiety state to a restful state which is optimal for accelerated learning and decision making.

Watch this video to see how the Inner Balance app performs

Lumosity app

#2 Lumosity

There is no such thing as left brain vs right brain.  It’s a whole brain.

If you want to accelerate how quickly you can remember, respond, and reinforce your thoughts in a dynamic environment then start to work on the core functions of your brain to improve:

  • Brain speed
  • Short term memory
  • Attention
  • Flexibility
  • Problem solving

Watch this video to see how others use this tool.

The left side is more logical and the right side is more visual however we can create neurological pathways between both sides of the brain so we can maximize our thought processes and execution.

Fitbit app

#3 Fitbit

There’s no more excuses for not going to the gym or being active when your colleagues or associates can call you out on your physical activity.

The Fitbit One technology is a device you attach to your hip which analyzes your physical movement to help you calculate the following metrics by the hour:

  • # of steps
  • # of miles walked/ran
  • # of floors climbed
  • # of active minutes
  • # of calories burned
  • Current weight
  • Sleep
  • Calories eaten
  • Amount of water consumed
  • Body mass index
  • Lean vs fat composition

My speaking colleague and author of No More Excuses, Sam Silverstein says an app doesn’t hold you accountable. People hold you accountable.  You must share your results with others and compare notes regularly  in order to makes sure each party is working towards their own personal goals.

I was recently told by a Fitbit friend

Hey Doug, my 68 year old mom has more steps than you” was a great motivator to get off the couch and get back to the gym.

Needless to say I never worked out so hard the following day and feel great.  Thanks Mark for the #trashtalk


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