“I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand.” Confucius

The problem I see in most training or professional development is that instructors rely mostly on the see and hear and not enough on the do. Every student carries a digital device. The question is,

Can the instructor leverage digital devices to enhance retention for the digital kinesthetic learner?

back to school A digital kinesthetic learner will excel in a progressive learning environment while a just a kinesthetic learner would need to rely on other individual’s participation during the training using role plays, dialogue, and interactive exercises. Here are some tips to help a digital kinesthetic learner excel in your environment.

Link everything

Because there is so much information that exists sometimes your word as an teacher isn’t good enough.  It must be validated by another party or reference before we can acknowledge it as fact. Every word, concept, individual, or file format that exists on your computer can be shared as a link.  This can include videos, pictures, flowcharts, diagrams, statistics, mind maps, or any other resource or learning aid.  Create a link for any ambiguous phrase, concept, or idea someone would want to research on their own and post it as a link on your online handout or web page in the course materials.

Use Diagnostic Delivery

PowerPoint is malpractice because it assumes others need to know what you know in the order they need to know it.  This is why transparencies of the past and flip charts were/are so effective because the teacher can ask questions, frame problems, and engage students in an open dialogue. Instead of providing 60 slides in 60 minutes and only 3 are relevant, why not ask audience questions and create drawings or have on demand diagnostics to solve challenges.  Use the digital whiteboard app Doceri to create this effect.

Include visual and audio

A video of a presentation can be separated into a separate audio file and the audio file can be made into a transcript.  These files can be made into links which reminds and reinforces the conversation that took place during a live event.

Collaborate with learners

Pre-event you can send out a questionnaire using SurveyMonkey, share an Evernote to demonstrate the agenda and handout, and bonus videos that help learners prepare to have higher level conversations during the program. During the event learners can make changes to public editable Google Documents, participate in online chat using Chatroll, or text message polling using PollAnywhere.  The goal is to engage learners at the highest level appealing to all of the emotional reactions and communication preferences.  Everyone has a voice even though they don’t speak out publicly.

Post event

It isn’t just what everyone heard that will help them be more successful, it is what they are reminded to do which is going to make the biggest impact.  Assessing what they implement that contributes to measurable results 90 days out is far superior to asking them how they felt on a paper survey.  Create an email marketing campaign that supports the result driven objectives and reminds of resources and follow up by asking questions that expected results.  See how to maximize an event as a resource.

“If you can’t prove ROI then create a course why.”

Something Yoda might say.


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