Process maps can be considered one of your most valued intellectual property.  They define how your entire operation is put together from the strategic why to the tactical how.  Once the process map is conceptualized in a digital format ready to share consider who should have access and how they can view, edit, or share.


Secured private

Process map PDFs or images can be password protected using most tools you already have access including Dropbox,, or your secure FTP server.

Types of secured private process maps

  1. Initial design phases
  2. Operational decision making
  3. Tactical implementation

Unsecured private

Only those with the link have access to the file not protected by a password.

Types of secured private process maps

  1. Decision making for committees
  2. Volunteer process maps
  3. Decision making for working with customers.


Everyone and their neighbor has access.  These process maps have social sharing enabled.

Types of process maps to share on social:

  1. Strategic vision
  2. Customer value chains
  3. Customer support process

This will give you some options on how to decide the what, when, how of sharing process maps with your community.

Did you miss a module?

Go back and find what you need in order to create process in the right order.

  1. Identifying the steps to create process
  2. Created the outline of process
  3. Found the best technology tools to create process
  4. Steps to create process design
  5. Alternatives to sharing process maps



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