How fast you can make decisions that affect your organization depends upon understanding the differences between:

#1  Objectives and tactics

#2  Execution and accountability

#3  Agility and and utility

Once you are clear on how decisions the decisions are made, the process  to decrease the the amount of time making decisions, and what tools you can use the faster you can meet your strategic objectives.

Watch this video to learn how to use the TEA method.



Objectives are different that tactics.  Take a look at your strategic plan and those “should” be your objectives.  I’m discovering most strategic plans are outline with tactics rather than objectives thus the reason why the business is suffering.

Once the objectives are clear then you focus on tactics.  Tactics are the how you will get to the desired result.  Tactics are the path to least resistance.

Use a tool called Business Model Toolbox or Strategyzer to determine which tactics are going to help you meet your objectives.


Execution are the precise job responsibilities and steps involved in the process.  Until you can map out who will do what, how often, and when, much time will be spent explaining the overall picture to the team.  Think of execution as steps involved with producing a widget from a manufacturing plan.  You have inputs and output.  Create process maps using SmartDraw,, or Grafio to show the entire team all of the moving parts.


These are the deadlines assigned to the people in the process.  This is where systems and project management software can greatly assist in making sure the job is performed to satisfaction.  The executive can see the status of the project at any point and make decisions to change or alter if the employee’s performance is not adequate or the process is flawed.  Use a project management software like Basecamp to keep your team accountable.


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