Open up this blog post from  your iPhone to save you more time downloading the apps recommended.

If you work with international buyers or are trying to develop a network Association Trends
of referring agents abroad then it is time to grab your iPhone to download some apps you might not have seen before.

Google iTranslate

If you are communicating with clients by email, Facebook or Twitter why not ask questions or reply to them in their own language and it is so easy to do.  Also, other appreciate it when you take the time to speak to them in their native language.  Translate up to 50 languages by typing words on the phone and automatically it will give you the text to use.  Copy the text by double tapping the screen and paste the message into your email, Twitter, or Facebook.  If you are too lazy to type the words there is a feature which allows you to speak into the phone and it will automatically translate those words for you which will save time.  This is only good for 15 languages at the moment.  Cost FREE

Learn more about it here.


If I didn’t have Skype on my iPhone I don’t know what I would do.  You could pay high international calling fees from your phone when abroad or use the Skype application from your iPhone.  The trick is you MUST have a Wi-Fi connection which some restaurants and most hotels have.  I highly recommend buying a local Skype phone number that others can dial to reach you out of the country.   Forward your office or mobile phone number to the Skype number so that your phone will ring the Skype iPhone application or on your computer when others call.  Cost FREE

I wrote a blog post earlier this year on the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Skype and Why They are Costing You Money and included a PowerPoint for more detail.


Hotels in Europe and Brazil can be very expensive so why not stay at someone’s house for a fraction of the cost.    You can rent a house, condo, or hotel room by searching for the entire place or stay with the owner for even cheaper.  There is a rating system which proves who the best landlords are and reviews that are worth its weight in gold.  The only catch is you have to pay up front for the entire stay.  If plans change then you might be out of luck.  Cost FREE


Before traveling to any country it is always a good idea to understand the background, history, culture and they way native citizens communicate.  This app is jammed pack full of information about each country’s government, transportation, and important transnational issues.  It is always a good idea to know which countries play nice with each others wouldn’t you agree?  Cost $1.99


The challenge with working with international clients is that you have an entire set of documents that are different from what you would work with a client who lives and resides in the U.S.  Dropbox will store all of your documents in one place and then allow you to email them right from the iPhone.  Cost FREE

XE Currency

The exchange rate of any currency can change quickly which can adjust the buyer’s purchasing power overnight.  If they closing is delayed because of incomplete paperwork and then the exchange rate adjusts the buyer might not be able to afford the property.  The XE Currency app will help you calculate the current rate up to the minute by accessing the internet.  In order to make sure you have the latest exchange rate make sure the iPhone is connected to the Internet so the current information displays.  Cost FREE

CIPS Widget

This isn’t an app.  It is a website that acts as an app.  Visit the link and then add it to the home screen of your iPhone so it looks like an app.  This will help you with language, currency, time, holidays, and more.  The only drawback to this app is that you need an internet connection to operate.  This way when you are helping clients convert Euros to Dollars you don’t have to think so hard about it anymore.  Cost FREE


FourSquare is a social network that allows you to check in businesses, restaurants, and locations so your friends and peers know where you are.  You might think that FourSquare just exists in the U.S. but it is not true.  I’ve checked in the Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, and in Panama.  When my friend asks me what was I doing there it gives me another excuse to talk about business.

What are you apps are you using that would benefit your clients when working with them overseas?


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