I spent this last week in Chicago specifically for the National Speakers Association XY Meetup but turned into many meetings, lunches, dinners, and an overall blast spending time with friends and clients at the National Association of REALTORS®.

The most important takeaway from the National Speakers Association XY Meetup was the exercise to create a list of who am I, what do I do, how do I do what I do, and then I added my own what I don’t do.

This list is written from the heart with no BS.  I encourage you to read it not as a list about me but as a reflection on how you see yourself.  I strongly you to create your own set of lists and you will be amazed about what you discover.  Perhaps these will change over time but as they do each says something about what I believe.

Who am I?

  1. I’m a giver.
  2. I’m a professional speaker.
  3. I’m a whole lot of fun.
  4. I’m a communications architect.
  5. I’m a great son, brother, and uncle.
  6. I’m a video editing visionary.
  7. I’m a Facebook fanatic.
  8. I’m a consummate content creator.
  9. I’m blessed.
  10. I’m a “must have” resource for a REALTOR® Association.
  11. I’m a fountain of knowledge for real estate agents.
  12. I’m generous with my time.
  13. I’m an executive hobo.
  14. I’m an adventurer.
  15. I’m a reliable resource.
  16. I’m a believer in other peoples’ dreams.
  17. I’m a REBAC Hall of Famer.
  18. I’m a progressive Pandora junkie.
  19. I’m creative with my work.
  20. I’m an entrepreneur.
  21. I’m a semi okay snowboarder.
  22. I’m a retired hockey player.
  23. I’m an obsessive Mac user.
  24. I’m a REALTOR® who is not practicing anymore because I found my passion to inspire others to use technology.
  25. I’m a gridskipper.
  26. I’m safe because Andrew Wooten is my friend.
  27. I’m an educator of affordable, flexible, and easy to implement technology.
  28. I’m a lifelong learner.
  29. I’m a Sterling R contributor to RPAC.
  30. I’m a CIPS, ABR, CRS, GRI, and e-PRO and have 10 other designations which don’t fit on this screen.
  31. I’m a dancer when nobody is watching.
  32. I’m a supporter of young professional organizations.
  33. I’m a dealer in hope.
  34. I’m an innovator of existing methodologies.
  35. I’m a results based consultant.
  36. I’m a friend first, and independent contractor second.
  37. I’m an obsessive-compulsive networker.
  38. I’m a Starbucks fan.
  39. I’m a karaoke singer.
  40. I’m a delegator.
  41. I’m an international man of mystery.
  42. I’m a cheeseball.
  43. I’m a thrill seeker with exceptions.
  44. I’m a wanna be sushi chef.
  45. I’m a bad influence on the status quo.
  46. I’m a respected professional in my industry.
  47. I’m weird.
  48. I’m a volunteer.
  49. I’m scared of big dogs.
  50. I’m serious when it comes to implementation.
  51. I’m an early riser.
  52. I’m a social butterfly.
  53. I’m successful because I get paid to do what I love to do.
  54. I’m ethical.
  55. I’m a game changer.
  56. I’m fast at multi-tasking computer programs.
  57. I’m a role model for others.
  58. I’m an awesome Bubble Hockey (foosball hockey) player.
  59. I’m a team player.
  60. I’m a light packer.
  61. I’m a future father.
  62. I’m realistic when it comes to a budget.
  63. I’m flexible in making plans.
  64. I’m loyal to friends, family, clients, and service providers.
  65. I’m a best friend to my brother.
  66. I’m satisfied sleeping on someone else’s couch.
  67. I’m thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life.
  68. I’m committed to making a world of difference.
  69. I’m resourceful in providing multiple solutions to the same issue.
  70. I’m witty in my responses.
  71. I’m terrible at making my own bed.
  72. I’m a past Entrepreneur of the Year of the University of Missouri-Columbia business school.
  73. I’m a minority.
  74. I’m a good catch.
  75. I’m proud of the amazing things people have done by implementing my ideas.
  76. I’m honored you took the time to read this list.
  77. I’m humble to the things I have in life.
  78. I am dedicated to serving the real estate industry.
  79. I’m genuine in my dealings with others.
  80. I’m tired of people complaining about having to do something extra.  Go do something that produces a result.
  81. I’m appreciative of my Facebook friends that take the time to comment on what I say.
  82. I’m a Salvation Army donator.
  83. I’m a great listener and open book.
  84. I’m a dork.
  85. I’m passionate about living an amazing life.
  86. I’m a huge hockey fan.
  87. I’m a valuable resource to my clients.
  88. I’m a coach to eager and open minds.
  89. I’m not perfect but a perfectionist.
  90. I’m a visionary for many REALTOR® Associations.
  91. I’m rich in relationships.
  92. “Imma be” worldwide international.
  93. I’m the future of real estate education and association management.
  94. I’m a regular recorder of memories.
  95. I’m a kid trapped in man’s body.
  96. I’m a cabernet sauvignon drinker.
  97. I’m a St. Louis, Missouri native.
  98. I’m a past Business Leader of the Year of the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce.
  99. I’m relentless about creating value.
  100. I’m an experimenter.

What do I do?

  1. I show up on time for my family, friends, and clients.
  2. I put a lot of energy into my work.
  3. I spend as much time with my family as I can.
  4. I give a lot of my time to those who can and want to make a difference.
  5. I live every minute with purpose, passion, based on principles.
  6. I envision and make it a reality.
  7. I have fun all the time.
  8. I make sushi for my friends.
  9. I invest in technology to save me time not because it exists.
  10. I believe in God.
  11. I speak from the heart based on real life examples.
  12. I think outside the box on just about everything.
  13. I recommend reliable technology, trusted professionals, and simple solutions I’ve used.
  14. I love people who care.
  15. I laugh a lot at myself during webinars.
  16. I over tip for good service.
  17. I make people smile.
  18. I travel to really far places just to meet someone for 5 minutes.
  19. I care.
  20. I volunteer my expertise to non-profit associations as much as I can.
  21. I arrive early and stay late.
  22. I make the entire process easy and enjoyable to work with me.
  23. I show up unannounced sometimes just to say hello.
  24. I perfect repetitive tasks.
  25. I invest thousands of dollars each year into my own professional development.
  26. I take my Mom with me on fun business trips because I love her.
  27. I refund clients who have paid too much.
  28. I accept failure as a step in the learning process.
  29. I appreciate the hard life my father has a minority relocating from India to the U.S. to give my brother and I an amazing life.
  30. I fill rooms.
  31. I help complete strangers with their questions and expect nothing in return.
  32. I motivate others to do what they want to do.
  33. I make technology less intimidating.
  34. I stress principles, not practices.
  35. I instill hope in others.
  36. I lead by example.
  37. I infuse my presentations with skill, energy, humor, and unwavering enthusiasm.
  38. I invest my time in relationships and people I like.
  39. I help students understand difficult-to-grasp technical concepts and put theory into practice.
  40. I represent a new generation of professional speakers who are passionate, creative, and consistently improving to change the real estate industry.
  41. I am committed to excellence.
  42. I inform, engage, and connect with audiences.
  43. I know how to get things done despite setbacks.
  44. I rock.
  45. I combine top-notch technical knowledge base, real estate practitioner experience, and effective presentation skills to educate top real estate professionals.
  46. I create business explosions for new entrepreneurs.
  47. I deliver the why so leaders can delegate the how.
  48. I raise the efficiency bar.
  49. I make meeting planners look fantastic in front of their groups.
  50. I believe in karma.
  51. I improve my online communication regularly.
  52. I wear my sunglasses at night.
  53. I inform others what they don’t know so they know what they don’t know so that can know what they know.
  54. I provide insight.
  55. I give a lot more than I receive.
  56. I help my competition get better.
  57. I consciously think about how everyone feels as a group.
  58. I help people think more clearly about their possibilities.
  59. I live life to the fullest.
  60. I wear my Salvador Dali Tie as much as possible.
  61. I cry during sad movies.
  62. I brainstorm many crazy ideas that don’t get implemented.
  63. I share, not sell.
  64. I dress for success one day and the beach the next.
  65. I protect private property rights of homeowners.
  66. I make others less afraid of technology.
  67. I couldn’t live without my iPhone.
  68. I eat microwave popcorn like its going out of style.
  69. I work everyday towards becoming a better person.
  70. I stir the pot.
  71. I Skype religiously with my family and clients.
  72. I send hand written thank you notes.
  73. I copy and paste better than anyone I know.
  74. I watch movies, not TV.
  75. I mentor future speakers.
  76. I simplify geek talk.
  77. I propose solutions to problems people didn’t know they had.
  78. I observe what not to do as much as what to do from others.
  79. I blog cause I want to not because I have to.
  80. I download webinars on my iPad and watch them when I travel.
  81. I buy in bulk.
  82. I ask questions before I prescribe solutions.
  83. I take notes feverishly during presentations and discussions.
  84. I ask for forgiveness when I make a mistake.
  85. I giggle out loud which others seem to like.
  86. I invest in real estate.
  87. I express passion into PowerPoint/Keynote presentations like Picasso paints his masterpieces.
  88. I recognize those who have real intentions.
  89. I break the rules.
  90. I want you to be successful.
  91. I create inner peace by not stressing the small stuff.
  92. I design communication delivery systems.
  93. I take responsibility for my actions.
  94. I implement what successful people have done in the past.
  95. I frustrate traditional leadership.
  96. I care about the results people want to achieve.
  97. I think about longevity more than short term.
  98. I rely on my peers for sound advice.
  99. I earn my reputation everyday.
  100. I spend time with people whom I think differently, highly respect, and want to become.

How do I do what I do?

  1. I answer the phone with energy and enthusiasm.
  2. I diagram, flowchart, and process ideas into my explanations to make it easier for others to understand.
  3. I socialize with attendees to better understand their concerns before a seminar starts.
  4. I learn from the best and create my own unique perspective and model from what I have learned.
  5. I create Keynote/PowerPoint presentations to explain advanced concepts.
  6. I create videos of real life examples to demonstrate technology in business.
  7. I look for the humor in the mistakes I make and the things I can’t change about other people.  Thanks Jeanne Robertson.
  8. I model behaviors I wish to instill in others.
  9. I stay ahead of my competition by consistently learning new ways of creating client value and then doing.
  10. I build highly quality relationships with people I can trust in person and online.
  11. I use the iPhone, Macbook, and iPad to manage my business and personal life.
  12. I explain complicated technology that makes sense to all skill levels.
  13. I inspire others to take action by giving them hope.
  14. I create assessment and analytics to determine what is working and what is not.
  15. I explain concepts using analogies, similes, and personal stories.
  16. I give back to the professional associations that I am involved by volunteering my time, sharing my expertise, and resources.
  17. I use my Sprint MiFi Card, Macbook Pro, iPhone, and Skype so I can work from anywhere.
  18. I write blog posts of my past experiences to give people resources they need in business.
  19. I fly American Airlines, stay in Starwood hotels, and live out of my suitcase to meet the people I need to in order to make a world of difference.
  20. I save REALTOR® Associations staff time by eliminating unproductive, ineffective, habitual tasks.
  21. I express my ideas through many different delivery systems and don’t just rely on one.
  22. I give people the possibility to live greater lives by believing they can do anything they want.
  23. I listen to audiobooks that give me ideas to help me provide better service for my clients.
  24. I address individual audience questions, doubts, with personal attention and care.
  25. I organize online content so people can find what they want, when they want it and how they want it.
  26. I research clients specific needs and customize my content to make it relevant to their issues.
  27. I record my videos with my iPhone, Kodak Zi8 and Playtouch.
  28. I relax by crawling up in a blanket on a couch and don’t do anything and speak to anyone.
  29. I organize content online for segmented distribution using RSS email campaigns.
  30. I use Tripit to manage my 180+ day travel schedule with the need of an assistant.
  31. I create video screen capture videos to demonstrate how to use the computer and online software.
  32. I check text messages, email, Facebook, and voicemail in that order when responding to others.
  33. I take pictures of funny things in life to use in my PowerPoint presentations.
  34. I practice using technology on my family first because my family is more forgiving than my clients are.
  35. I upload all of my PowerPoint presentations to Slideshare to give extra value to my clients, attendees, and online visitors to benefit from my expertise.
  36. I produce videos for my clients to use in their marketing to fill seats in the classroom.
  37. I expect leaders to be open to new ideas.
  38. I use Skype to facilitate association leadership discussions without being physically present.
  39. I use Yelp to find nearby restaurants.
  40. I host screwing parties to facilitate idea exchanges in safe, open, and professional environment.
  41. I bundle my services into packages to save clients money to address multiple issues within an organization.
  42. I call friends and sing happy birthday more than I post to Facebook because it is more personal.
  43. I use multiple and unique videos in my presentations to explain advanced concepts that engage audiences.
  44. I make people laugh by making fun of myself.
  45. I use Linkedin profile to demonstrate my professional resume and reveal my 78 recommendations from past clients.
  46. I create side-by-side interviews with other trusted professionals to answer questions I may not know the answer.
  47. I shift how leaders think about what they are doing by asking them questions they already know the answers to which motivate them to change.
  48. I deliver webinars to share my content library and brain with others who I can’t be physically present.
  49. I email checklists, templates, and event recaps with attendees so they can implement what they learned from a live session for FREE.
  50. I take notes feverishly using a hand written note pad as much as my iPad.
  51. I check my social networks, emails, manage my business travel, and share links all from my iPhone.
  52. I send SPAM packets in the mail to those who unsubscribe from my email newsletter.
  53. I post all my pictures to Flickr to share my personal and business life with the world so others can get to know me as a human being.
  54. I record snowboarding videos in my left hand with glove off, swimming with the sharks, and births and then post them to YouTube.
  55. I tag Facebook friends in photos and videos so we can reminisce the fun time we had with one another.
  56. I make my audiences do the YMCA of keyboard shortcuts so they can stretch, take a break, and learn new tricks.
  57. I respond to emails without attachments because it takes too much time for me to attach files to emails.   Instead I include the link others can download from the email.
  58. I make my own sushi using a rice cooker, rice, nori, sushi grade seafood, and vegetables, roll up the ingredients, and serve to my guests.
  59. I get hired by doing a great job for my clients, not because of my marketing.
  60. I earn high marks on my evaluations because I take each assignment seriously, customize my content, and am myself in front of the group.
  61. I write down my ideas on my blog to get the creative juices going in others.
  62. I recommend others who I know who will do a better job for a client than I will on a specific topic.
  63. I buy royalty free photos to use in my presentations.
  64. I read Facebook updates and Tweets to listen to hot topics posted by my sphere of trusted advisors.
  65. I watch YouTube videos to explain how to use software, perfect online marketing strategies, and new tech terms.
  66. I watch YouTube videos to motivate myself.
  67. I spend time with my Mom when she takes me to the airport each week.
  68. I understand my own personal flaws so I can learn from my own mistakes faster when working with others.
  69. I unsubscribe from all email newsletters, turn off all email notifications, and use Gmail to reduce the number of unwanted email.
  70. I set goals for myself from my life vision.
  71. I coordinate fun activities for people in my life.
  72. I tailor my presentations to meet specific audience needs to appreciate them as business professionals.
  73. I invest in others more than myself to live a more meaning full life.
  74. I select how I want to use my time by how much fun I’m going to have.
  75. I jam to the Mo Town Hits.
  76. I bought a guitar and used it 5 times.
  77. I answer questions like “in the year 2020 what do you see the real estate industry looking like?”
  78. I bury myself in good resource materials purely for the enjoyment of learning.
  79. I check caller ID on every incoming call because daily unsolicited calls or unwanted interruptions.
  80. I create to do lists in order to see the things I’m not going to do.
  81. I support any cause of a friend because that what friends do.
  82. I hug strangers because most people don’t get a lot of hugs in a day.
  83. I show up on time to be respectful of the people I have committed to.
  84. I work relentlessly on my vision to become really good at what I do.
  85. I inform others of what they didn’t know possible and inspire them to learn how to others in their business and personal life.
  86. I make Skype video calls to my 22 month old nephew Dante who lives in Durango, CO because I don’t get to see him in person very often.
  87. I remind myself that some people are not open to all my ideas so I can be comfortable with others saying no.
  88. I restructure my existing presentations so that they become approved for continuing education necessary for real estate professionals to keep their license.
  89. I sing in the shower sometimes to wake myself up.
  90. I sing in long car drives to keep myself awake.
  91. I simplify to earn a living.
  92. I bring enjoyment to others lives by making them laugh.
  93. I respond to online inquiries super fast to demonstrate my desire to service client and meet planner requests.
  94. I know what I don’t know, so I can easily recommend who may know, with I all the people I know.
  95. I stay positive by not taking life so seriously, spending time with like-minded people, and drinking Stella Artois.
  96. I create irreplaceable value for my clients so that they must have me back.
  97. I use Facebook to share my personal humor in life with my friends I do not see everyday.
  98. I scream with joy anytime something positive happens in my life and sometimes accompanying a small dance.
  99. I live my dream everyday because you reading my blog and being a part of my life.
  100. I congratulate others on their success by high fives, Facebook wall posts, or big hugs.

What I don’t do?

  1. I don’t settle.
  2. I don’t take no for an answer.
  3. I don’t associate with negative, highly opinionated, and over bearing people.
  4. I don’t comment on other people’s blogs.
  5. I don’t eat hot dogs and hog jowl.
  6. I don’t talk to people on airplanes unless they are flying with me or it are someone cute.
  7. I don’t wait in lines.
  8. I don’t respond well to supervision.
  9. I don’t tweet everyday.
  10. I don’t force my ideas on people.
  11. I don’t like really cold weather unless I am snowboarding.
  12. I don’t do what everyone else does.
  13. I don’t sell real estate anymore.
  14. I don’t care if you don’t like me.
  15. I don’t try to be friends with someone just because they are popular.
  16. I don’t expect anything in return.
  17. I don’t squash dreams.
  18. I don’t try to be perfect.
  19. I don’t get along well with people that are too serious.
  20. I don’t cry for help when the going gets tough.
  21. I don’t ask someone to do something I haven’t done myself.
  22. I don’t listen to country music by choice.
  23. I don’t tolerate arrogance.
  24. I don’t mislead.
  25. I don’t take shortcuts to building relationships.
  26. I don’t talk badly about other people behind their backs.
  27. I don’t wish harm on anyone.
  28. I don’t want to be complacent.
  29. I don’t steal.
  30. I don’t take cream in my coffee.
  31. I don’t talk politics and religion.
  32. I don’t do tourist traps.
  33. I don’t speak over peoples’ heads.
  34. I don’t just something just because I can do it.
  35. I don’t follow poor leaders.
  36. I don’t have a long attention span.
  37. I don’t have patience for poor paid educators.
  38. I don’t buy things.  I buy experiences.
  39. I don’t forget about people who have done good deeds.
  40. I don’t sweat the small stuff.
  41. I don’t wear glasses.
  42. I don’t want to be labeled as a social media expert.
  43. I don’t develop websites, design, and programming.
  44. I don’t accept assignments I won’t do a phenomenal job.
  45. I don’t volunteer under poor leadership.
  46. I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog.
  47. I don’t receive email newsletters.
  48. I don’t pester potential clients about opportunities.
  49. I don’t work well with people who don’t like to have fun.
  50. I don’t listen noise.
  51. I don’t watch scary movies.
  52. I don’t have time for negativity.
  53. I don’t listen to long voicemails.
  54. I don’t read long emails.
  55. I don’t give money to anyone on the street.
  56. I don’t drink tequila.
  57. I don’t attend church as often as I would like to.
  58. I don’t participate in other peoples’ drama.
  59. I don’t rent movies from Blockbuster.
  60. I don’t implement all of the ideas I have.
  61. I don’t have anyone working for me.
  62. I don’t drink sour milk.
  63. I don’t know that an 8-Track looks like.
  64. I don’t like it when the Blues, Mizzou Tigers, Rams, and Cardinals lose.
  65. I don’t want to live in cold weather.
  66. I don’t receive traditional thinking, communication, and advertising well.
  67. I don’t show off.
  68. I don’t take life too seriously.
  69. I don’t wear tighty whiteys.
  70. I don’t fish unless someone else baits my hook.
  71. I don’t stay in one place for a long period of time.
  72. I don’t speak Spanish but am learning.
  73. I don’t know everything there is to know about technology.
  74. I don’t like to play by the rules.
  75. I don’t participate in groupthink.
  76. I don’t give in very easily.
  77. I don’t limit myself.
  78. I don’t fear the unknown.
  79. I don’t tell something to something because that’s what they want to hear.
  80. I don’t frown upon failure.
  81. I don’t eat fried or fatty foods.
  82. I don’t write as much as I would like.
  83. I don’t accept mediocrity.
  84. I don’t have to do everything myself.
  85. I don’t walk on water.
  86. I don’t waste other peoples’ time.
  87. I don’t use flash drives.
  88. I don’t smoke cigarettes.
  89. I don’t do my own taxes, yard work, or database entry.
  90. I don’t present to audiences.  I connect with them.
  91. I don’t buy Christmas presents until the last minute.
  92. I don’t think like most people do.
  93. I don’t rely on PowerPoint.
  94. I don’t want to become irrelevant.
  95. I don’t limit my communication to only one format.
  96. I don’t ignore feedback.
  97. I don’t speed unless I have to make a flight.
  98. I don’t sleep well unless I have earphones in at night.
  99. I don’t work harder. I work smarter.
  100. I don’t have any excuses.


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre from St. Louis, Missouri USA when they want to dramatically increase operational performance, create breakthrough value propositions, and serve customers beyond geographical constraints on a minimal budget. For more than a decade he has been setting trends with how organizations engage customers with social media, video marketing, and custom-built software applications. Doug’s book Screen to Screen Selling published by McGraw Hill pioneered the way sales professionals sold homes without being physically present before the COVID-19 pandemic. He is one of a select few who have earned the Certified Speaking Professional Designation from the National Speakers Association and has experience as a REALTOR.

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