You couldn’t ask for a better place to be in January other than Orlando, Florida, right?  Seems as if I bring the bad weather with me wherever I go.  The Florida REALTORS® held their Winter 2011 Meetings at the Renaissance Sea World hotel and was the first time I had the chance to meet Shamu.  Although I wasn’t able to get his autograph he did let me take a picture with him and my friend Janet.

Shamu and Seaworld Florida REALTORSI was asked to present the Social Media Power Hour and ironically was 90 minutes.  I guess they know I have so much material they decided to give me an extra 30.  We still went over time, and nobody wanted to leave.

One of the hands on exercised during the Power Hour was for the audience members could assist in collaborating to create an interactive handout using Google Docs.  The link was shared and those who could access the link from their mobile device and had a Google and Google Docs account could contribute their own ideas, favorite links, and examples in addition to what I had shared with everyone.  If you still would like to contribute your ideas to the handout the link is

Here are some fun pics from the event.

Here is the PowerPoint from the presentation.

Upcoming events confirmed in 2011

March 23rd REBARcamp, St. Petersburg Florida

March 24th Social media presentation sponsored by National Association of REALTORS® Commercial

May 20th, International Social Media, Orlando, Florida

June 23rd International Social Media, Naples, Florida

To save on travel expenses and/or 40% of my fee please contact me directly.

Florida REALTORS® 2010 Annual Convention recap


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