In the last week I’ve had the privilege of working with the leadership of the Pinellas REALTOR Organization, Cobb Association of REALTORS, and Cherokee Association of REALTORS consisting mostly of staff members, Board of Directors, and future leaders.  There many who have served by volunteering their time to give back to their industry, association, and community.

Cobb Cherokee Association of REALTORS Leadership Retreat

Here are some questions to ask yourself as a REALTOR association leader:

Can each leader effectively communicate their ideas based on the members’ preferred method of communication?

How can we share more information in less time?

How can we archive the real life experiences of participating in association activities online for members to access whenever they want?

Here are some pictures from the Cobb Association of REALTORS and Cherokee Association of REALTORS

Here are some attached resources that will assist you in the restructuring of your communication architecture online:

Leadership Handouts

Sample Blog Setup Guide

Revise Email Signature

Advance through each slide on this PowerPoint presentation for review…

The following assessments have been created for you which are 100% customizable. All you need is to create/sign in to your Google Account to get started.

REALTOR Association Young Member Task Force Assessment – Google Form

REALTOR Association Member Survey on Social Media Effectiveness – Google Form

REALTOR® Association Staff Social Media Strategy Assessment – Google Form

REALTOR® Association Executive Insight – PDF

Past, present and future leaders watch this

If you think you can help every member then watch this…


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