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Right now I have 2,310 friends on Facebook but does that really mean that I have 2,310 people that really know me, like me, and trust me enough to refer me business?

I say fiddlesticks!  Yes I said it.

I know when I first started using Facebook I thought how cool it was that I kept getting more friends but the reality is I was making empty connections and be just another number in someone else’s book.

If you think about it your true friends comment on what you say and take a proactive interest in your life just like we should take a proactive interest in their life.  Dale Carnegie says, “You can get more friends in 2 months by becoming interested in other people rather than 2 years trying to get people interested in you.

Facebook is hard work and takes a commitment of not only posting relevant and intriguing information about you but also reading your lists and news feed to see the proper opportunity to share your thoughts on someone else’s update.

If no one else comments on your updates then I would take a closer look at:

What you are posting? Does it benefit just your or your or does it involve other people such as tagged photos, videos, or updates that have value to others?

Who are your real friends? If no one comments then most likely you haven’t been real with people or engaged them just like a real life situation.  Make a concentrated effort to show the real you and your interests without going overboard.

Perhaps it may be time to remove people as friends on Facebook if their name is only a number, if you have no idea who they are, or sick of getting their updates from an empty relationship.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought someone else was your friend to find out they forgot who you are as a person?


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