Let’s say your REALTOR® Association, company, or other sponsoring organization was going to hold your next REALTOR® event, had budget of $1,000.

How would you decide what you were going to include?

You can choose the hottest product on the shelf but that may eat up your entire budget.  Or if you choose something that has little value then the raffle or giveaway might not have as much interest.

Let me make it easy for you.  These suggestions are based on what people need, want, and can easily apply in their real estate business.  Note that these suggestions may be available online from different vendors at reduced prices.  Be sure to do your homework upon selecting a vendor whom you haven’t used before.  Check their satisfaction ratings, reviews, and ability to deliver the product on a deadline.

Below is my list, links to the products, and how REALTORS® can use these tools.

Logitech Quick Cam Pro – Estimated $100

This has to be one of my favorite tools for using Skype, video conferencing, and voice recording.


Flip Video Camera – Estimated $200

My favorite for recording video tours of properties for sale or capturing video testimonials.


iPod Touch – Estimated $200

A great educational learning center that can store audio CDs, podcasts, and watch YouTube videos when hooked up to a wireless internet connection.  You can also use Skype to make outgoing calls too when you have downloaded the Skype application.  Please don’t confuse this with the iPhone which costs more money and needs a payment plan.


Flash Drives – Estimated $25

These are great for transferring files from one computer to another.  You can get a 16 GB drive for under $25 if you look hard enough online.


Flash Memory Card – Estimated $25

Flash memory cards are different than flash drives because flash memory cards are usually used to transfer digital photos from the digital camera to a computer or printer.  These are super cheap since most digital camera take these already.  Be aware though that new mini flash memory cards have also hit the market.  These do the same thing but your digital camera may require the mini instead of the traditional size.


Bluetooth Earpiece – Estimated $100

It is now becoming the law in most states that you must use a wireless headset or Bluetooth device while driving a car.  Since REALTORS® are always driving and talking this prize is a safe bet, no pun intended.


20 Inch Computer Monitor – Estimated $200


Chargers – Estimated $125

This all in one solution will charge all of your devices, except your computer, instead of carrying around every single cord.



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