Early adopters  RAVE over the new Google Wave but the reality is that most real estate professionals won’t start ‘waving’ until sometime  next year or even 2011. Currently, both parties must have Google Wave to have a conversation. However they are working on adapting the protocol for a wider audience. Right now using Wave is like being the first person to buy a fax machine. On the other hand, this new product is so revolutionary that you should (at the least) be aware of it.

Google Wave, in my opinion, will become the ultimate communication tool and will drastically reduce the amount of email you receive and time spent on multiple social networks. What does this mean? Google Wave gives you the ability to communicate faster, avoid duplicity, and sync with social networks.

Last week I hosted a webinar going over the basics of Google Wave as part of the Dean Hartman Continental Home Loans webinar series. VIP members will be receiving a series of How-To videos to help them understand the new kind of interface. We have also begun to have a lively ‘wave-off’ that happened after I doled out my invites.  It is a great place to make mistakes before you try using the software in your business communication. It might seem complicated at first, but you will be surprised at how quickly you get the hang of it. If you are a VIP member and haven’t begun waving yet, email me today at vip@dougdevitredelivers.com and I will add you to the list.

Wave is still in preview mode and Google is only giving out a limited number of invitations for accounts. However, if you simply tweet ‘need a google wave invite’ or ask on another Social Network, you will likely get an invitation the same day.

Watch 14 videos right here produced by our friends at Google

Another thing is that if you have the iPhone type in the Safari browser http://wave.google.com

Any geek will appreciate this 80 minute video by Google Wave development team.


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