Susie Hale (like her partner in crime,  CEO Bob Hale of the Houston Association of REALTORS®) is always delivering great value for real estate professionals and REALTOR® Associations across the U.S. I had the opportunity to work with Susie Hale for a webinar on how REALTORS® can use her FREE service, the Housing Trends eNewsletter.


The Housing Trends eNewsletter is 100% free and gives agents the ability to position themselves as the expert with their sphere of influence by delivering updated regional market analysis, helpful tips and tools homeowners can use make good decisions throughout the real estate transaction. For example, a buyer looking for financing options will find the mortgage calculators quite handy. They can even share the link. (TIP: sharing personal information on Facebook should be sent as a message (private), not as a wall post (public).

Here is the entire webinar in full, for those of you who missed it or would like to review. I recommend clicking the “fullscreen” icon at the bottom right of the player so that you can see the details.

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About the Housing Trends Newsletter

A customized header that appears at the top of every newsletter.If a seller wants to find out the value of their home, a link is provided where they  enter in their contact information. This system benefits them and serves as a source of lead generation for the agent.  This style of contact form will result in fewer leads of a higher quality, as opposed to just lookers.

Agents can instantly sign up for their FREE Housing Trends eNewsletter, enter their business information, and have a branded online newsletter that they can share with their clients, customers, and prospects.  These articles contain a national perspective other tips too.

I already have a Housing Trends Newsletter. How can i get more people to view it?

We demonstrated during the webinar that you can use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to market the information already provided by the Housing Trends eNewsletter. Since most people who registered for the webinar were already Housing Trends eNewsletter subscribers, we focus most of our time talking about sharing the content, not how to create a profile. However, the process is extremely simple.

Here you can see an example of a new video that members get to embed into their site or share using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

See other examples of the Housing Trends Newsletter here

Here is a review of some of the questions asked during the webinar:

1) Can I add both logo and photo to my Housing Trends eNewsletter?


Agents: Housing Trends eNewsletter is branded for an agent with personalization of agent’s photo, contact info, agent’s email for Home evaluation requests, link to website, link to lists, IDX and agent’s personal email address for all leads to contact agent directly

Brokers/Associations/MLS: The Housing Trends eNewsletter is branded to brokerage, Association or MLS with its logo, contact info, link to website, link to lists, IDX and an email address as options to capture leads.

2) Question: How do I sign up and what does it cost?

Answer:  The Housing Trends eNewsletter is free. Go to to sign up. Be sure to add your association name or MLS.

3) Questions: Do you sell my leads back to me?

Answers: Not only is Housing Trends eNewsletter free to sign up and email to friends and consumers, post on blogs, websites, and social media, but we do not collect any consumer data create by you. All leads pass directly to your email address you add in the set up process once signed up.

4) Question: How do I receive my monthly Housing Trends eNewsletter?

Answer: We email you the first of each month your most current Housing Trends eNewsletter so you may email to consumers, and post to blogs, social media. If you add your Housing Trends eNewsletter banner to your website, it is auto-populated to link to the most current eNewsletter without you having to update the link.

5) Question: How do I send out my link to Housing Trends eNewsletter to my database?

Answer: Each month we will email you a notification that your most current enewsletter is available. It will instruct you to go to to login into your site. Select the current month enewsletter and a draft of an email letter with your link to current Housing Trends eNewsletter is in the letter and link to your Home Evaluator page so the consumer can contact you directly. The signature line is also personalized to you and included.


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