My grandfather Dante Valerio celebrated his 100th birthday today July 2nd, 2009 in Alma, Michigan. His Centennial marks a unique celebration of life, love, family, and happiness shared by family, close friends, and acquaintances.

Yesterday, he went to have dialysis which is a 3 day a week ritual he has participated for the last 7 years. The staff at Great Lakes Renal Network all were there to congratulate him, shower him with gifts, and share in his special moment.

Watch the video below of the celebration.

Today July 2nd, the family assembled early to take pictures at Dante’s residence, the Masonic Pathways Lodge in Alma, Michigan. Each person from the Valerio family is included in the PowerPoint below.

Finally, we celebrated at the Masonic Pathway Lodge by welcoming more guests, family friends, etc. and had a catered lunch. Throughout the day we played his favorite music including Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, and Frank Sinatra while watching a PDF slideshow of the document below.

I have shared all of these multimedia documents on my blog so that my family may preview them once again online, allow them to share with their friends, and more importantly so that you can learn a little more about me as a person.

Since I speak, write, and produce content for real estate professionals on how to use technology effectively I wanted to give you some ideas on what you can do for your own personal lives. These skills are easy to learn and the software is free. I look forward to sharing more with you to help you lead more satisfying business and personal lives.


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